If you organisation needs some motivation, education and activation while having fun and getting a kick in the bum, then getting the "Kman" Kerry McEvoy for your conference, seminar or team meetings is the way to go.

From a half hour Keynote address at your conference, to a 2 day intensive workshop for your team, let the Kman know your topic and message you would like to communicate and he will deliver it for you with your Vision in mind.

Choose from 6 amazing topics or ask Kman to customize one for your message...

1. Stop Screwing Up Your Life: Take control of your life and business

A session focused on the personal and professional development of your team to make them more valuable to help grow your business. This sessions covers personal and professional Vision, Missions, Goals, Values, Character and Non Negotiables to become the best team player possible.

2. Take the Sales Out of Sales

Learn how to sell without asking for the sale. Build long term relationships with your customers using advanced communication techniques to make more sales while turning your customers into evangelists for your business.

3. The Dirty Dozen: 12 steps to growing your business

Grow your business by doing less and paying less. Learn how to use the productive 20% of your activity that produces 80% of the results and growth of your business. Increase profits in your business while decreasing hassle in your life.

4. Get Fit for Business

Make sure you and your team do not spend their health to build your wealth so that you will have to eventually spend your wealth to re-again your health. A fit body body and mind helps build a fit business and life. You are what you eat and do. Eat well, do well to live well.

5. Are You a Worrier or Warrior: Turn stress into success

Stress can either make you or break you. Learn what it is, how to control it and how to use it to make you and your team happy, productive and successful.

6. The Unproven Facts About Leadership

Learn the 5 steps to build a Champion team to build a Champion business to win you business championship. Your business growth is dependent on the growth of you and your team. Learn how to attract and create champions in your business to build a Champion team.

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